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Here at A-Tech, we strive to give you the best automation for your home. By partnering with Control 4, we try to automate your home to the fullest...

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Dim the lights, adjust the thermostat, lock the doors, or put your home to sleep, with a touch of a button.

Check the status of your home from anywhere, no matter where you are, from an app on your smart device.

Integrates all the technology in your home, and makes it accessable from 1 simple interface.

With a Control4 smart home, the possibilities are virtually endless.



A-Tech Automation offers the latest technology in residential and commercial settings. We improve your building by designing and installing a system fit for you. We can also install cable in just one room, or throughout the whole building! in one room or the whole environment. Personalize your home with integrated sound and entertainment systems, sound bars, or TV mounting. We can make your audio and video wishes become more than just dreams. We can make them a reality!



We will install and setup efficient network systems throughout your home. We offer installation of access points, bridges and several smart devices to customize your home. Setup a WIFI network to ensure all phones, computers , TV's, and any other smart devices are managed and have coverage. As the technology industry continues to grow, we are dedicated to raising the standard of home automation.


SAVI Controls

Restaurant solutions through Savi Controls! Today more than ever, businesses rely on audio/video and automation experiences to communicate, sell, market, entertain, educate, train and support their customers. But today, systems are too complicated to manage, troubleshoot and operate. Not so with SAVI! SAVI 3 is the only AV control system on the market so easy to use, virtually no employee training is necessary.


premium Hi-Fi

We work with Rutherford Audio to bring the premium, high fidelity products that you deserve to North America. We only bring you the best; from engineering teams that strive for perfection to brands that have a history of delivering the ultimate Hi-Fi experience. We deliver only perfection and ultimate customer service.


Hidden Vision

Hiding your television is our business! Keep the room looking clean and tidy is our ambition. The Flip Around flips 180 degrees to one side and reveals your television screen, and the other side features the artwork of your choice or a mirror. When closed against the wall, the frame completely disguises the fact that you have a television inside. Call today to get started!



In 2003, the Gilbertson's vision to bridge the gap between design and technology became a reality with the creation of the first TV mirror prototype. Now, Séura manufactures several categories of products, including lighted mirrors, outdoor TVs, TV mirrors,  indoor waterproof TVs, and vanity mirrors. Intrigued yet? We thought you might be. Give as a call to learn more.

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