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A-Tech Automations has partnered with many companies including Coastal Source, Digital Projection, and more to provide its customers the best of the best!

Coastal Source

Coastal Source offers astonishing outdoor lighting and audio products that meet every customer's needs. With more than 60 years of experience, Coastal Source provides landscape lighting to ensure your yard is peaceful, aesthetic, and safe. The company also supplies exceptional outdoor audio products that produce clear and balanced sound quality while complementing the landscape. 

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digital Projection

Digital Projection pioneered the first 3-chip DLP® projector that offers extensive performance and high quality. Digital Projection also provides single-chip DLP projectors that generate excellent visual experiences. With both the 3-chip and single-chip DLP projectors and the radiance LED displays, Digital Projection can generate vivid and high-tech images for businesses, large venues, residential entertainment, educational institutions, and more. 

SAVI Controls

Savi Controls fabricates high-quality and reliable audio and video experiences that are easy to set up and operate. Savi Controls provides their customers with full-scale AV control and automation solution that any customer can benefit from. SAVI 3 can display many sources and reduces expenses by not needing unnecessary equipment. SAVI 3 is the only AV control system on the market so easy to use, virtually no employee training is required. 

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Rutherford audio

Rutherford Audio supplies high-fidelity Hi-Fi audio brands in North America. Rutherford Audio chooses its partners on their commitment to quality and performance. From engineering teams that strive for perfection to brands that have a history of delivering the ultimate Hi-Fi experience, Rutherford Audio only represents the best market for their customers. 

hidden vision

Hidden Vision concentrates on TV mounts that hide your television in order to keep a room looking clean and put together. Hidden Vision offers a TV mount called the Flip Around that can turn a TV 180 degrees and can show a beautiful art piece instead. Customers and visitors won't be able to tell you even have a TV. 

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Control 4

Control 4 designs, manufactures, and distributes smart technology that makes life better and easier. They craft their technology to what the customers value the most. Control 4 offers technology devices in all different types of forms including audio, security, entertainment, A/V infrastructure, network, and more! Whether you are looking for home security or a thrilling entertainment center, Control 4 can provide it!  

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